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UK Based FAA Licence Holders Require UK Licence

Updated: May 27, 2021

The UK CAA has released ORS4 No.1490 which provides an exemption until 21 December 2021, to permit FAA licence holders to exercise private privileges within UK airspace as the current derogation ceases on 20 June 2021. Affected pilots must apply for the exemption whilst completing the licence conversion process. The complete CAA ORS notice can be viewed here:

What does this mean?

If you reside in the UK and fly solely on the basis of an FAA pilots licence, from 21 December 2021 you are required to hold a minimum of a UK Private Pilots Licence with associated ratings for the applicable type of aeroplane.

How do I comply?

The licence conversion process is relatively straightforward. Oysterair has completed numerous FAA to UK conversions and has developed a training package which develops proficiency and is regulatory compliant. Feedback from pilots has always been positive with pilots enjoying the opportunity to brush up handling skills and theoretical knowledge.

I hold an FAA IR, how do I convert this?

Providing you have a valid FAA IR and >50 hours P1 IFR experience you can convert the FAA IR to a Competency Based Instrument Rating by completing an IR Skill Test only. No theory exams are needed, but the examiner will ask questions on UK procedures.

Whilst no training is mandated Oysterair has found pilots require 2-3 days of training.

I hold both SEL and MEL but fly a turboprop, how do I convert this?

Class and Type Ratings can also be converted - the procedure varies depending on the aeroplane type, please contact us for guidance.

I don't hold a UK FCL, how do I get one?

Providing you are in current flying practice, have >100 hours flight time and hold an ICAO licence the conversion is straightforward. The process can be combined with the type conversion (depending on type). You will be required to complete:

  • 3 theory exams (Air Law, Human Factors and Communications Exam)

  • Hold a Class Two Medical

  • Pass the PPL Licence Skill Test (can be combined with the class/type conversion depending on the type)

  • Pass the Radiotelephony Practical Exam


Contact Oysterair for help on gaining a UK Pilots Licence:

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