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UK and EASA SET Class Ratings and FAA PC12 flight training on all models of the PC12.

Oysterair delivers both UK / EASA and FAA flight training on all models of the PC12 including the latest NGX. The baseline course consists of online theory training and 12 hours flight training. We can deliver standalone UK / EASA or FAA courses, or integrate both so you get dual qualified. 

Oysterair can complete both SP and MP courses. 

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Hold at least a UK, EASA, FAA or other ICAO PPL(A)

  • Hold an ICAO, UK or EASA IR(A) (can be MP or SP)

  • Have at least 200 hours total pilot experience with an absolute minimum of 70 hours PIC (UK / EASA courses)

  • For UK or EASA SET Class Rating courses;

  1. Hold the High Performance Aeroplane Knowledge Course; or

  2. Have passed the UK or EASA ATPL(A) examinations; or

  3. Hold an ICAO ATPL(A) or CPL(A)/IR with theoretical knowledge credit for ATPL(A)

Oysterair can complete the HPA course for those pilots who require it.

Credits For Previous Experience

The HT will assess the flying experience of each trainee. The approved course of training may be modified to account for previous experience on similar aircraft types. A similar type is considered by the company to be any other aircraft classed as a Single Pilot High Performance Aeroplane (SP HPA) with one or more turboprop or turbojet engines.

Flight & Theoretical Knowledge Training

The PC12 training syllabus contains a total of:

  • 49 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction (online self study & instructor led wash-up);

  • Theoretical Knowledge Exam (100 questions, conducted in-house);

  • Minimum of 12 hours of flight training in the PC12, or 9 hours of synthetic training and 3 hours flight training; and

  • Licence Skill Test with an examiner in the PC12 aircraft (UK or EASA courses only)


The training takes approximately 5 days to complete including briefings and test preparation. The first two days are completed via our online learning management system which means you can complete the majority of your theoretical knowledge training at home. When you arrive for your flight training we will first complete a 3 hour brush up session which will include the theoretical knowledge exam prior to starting your flight training.

ICAO Conversions

If you are a current PC12 pilot operating on the basis of an ICAO licence (e.g. FAA) Oysterair can assist you in gaining a UK or EASA licence and PC12 SET Class Rating. The training package for an ICAO conversion includes all of the mandatory training items conducted in the full course. There is no minimum flight training requirements, however, most candidates complete approximately 4 hours flight training prior to completing the Class Rating Skill Test with an examiner. The course takes approximately 2 full days to complete.

Differences Training 

We can deliver differences training between all models of the PC12 including the NGX.

PC12 Flight Training: Service
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