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Oysterair can provide both SP and MP UK and EASA type ratings, familiarisation training, and flight tests on all models of the King Air series. We can also provide take-off and landing training for pilots who have completed a simulator course at another training facility.

For individuals, or commercial operators who require pilot mentoring or line training, Oysterair can provide instructors to support your operation.

Oysterair's King Air type rating course has the following key benefits:

  • Quality - we have over 1000 hours of teaching in the King Air

  • Experience - nobody in the UK has trained more King Air pilots

  • Flexibility - we arrange the course around your schedule; no waiting for a course slot!

The course comprises of 34 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction, followed by synthetic training. 

Synthetic training comprises of:

  • 12 hours flight training for the single pilot course

  • 14 hours flight training for the multi pilot course ​

  • 2 hours Licence Skill Test

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Hold at least a UK or EASA PPL(A) 

  • Hold, or have held, a ME IR(A)

  • Hold an Advanced UPRT course completion certificate

  • Have at least 200 hours of total flying experience, of which 70 hours as PIC in aeroplanes 

  • Hold the High Performance Aeroplane Knowledge Course; or

  1. Have passed the UK or EASA ATPL(A) examinations; or

  2. Hold an ICAO ATPL(A) or CPL(A)/IR with theoretical knowledge credit for ATPL(A) 

Oysterair can deliver the HPA course for those pilots who require it.

Credits For Previous Experience

A 2 hour course reduction is available on the SP course, to pilots with at least 500 hours as PIC in SET aeroplanes together with either 1000 hours total flight time, or 500 hours as pilot of multi-engine turboprop aeroplanes. 

A 3 hour reduction in the MP flight training syllabus is offered to pilots with at least 500 hours as pilot of multi-pilot turboprop aeroplanes of similar performance and/or systems (e.g. B350). 


Training time varies with the type of course. We are flexible and aim to schedule the course around your availability.

Courses take approximately 7 days.

ICAO Conversions

Pilots with greater than 500 hours experience on the BE90/99/100/200 are exempt from a formal training course.

Contact us for more information on licence conversion.

Familiarisation & SP/MP Training 

We can deliver familiarisation training between all models of the King Air. For pilots who hold either a SP, or MP, operational restriction and wish to remove this Oysterair can provide a short bridging course. 

Take-off and Landing Training 

For pilots who have completed a simulator based course and require take-off and landing training.

We can provide the aeroplane and instructor. Training takes 1 day to complete.


Click below for our price list:

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Beechcraft King Air Type Rating: Our Programs
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