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An HPA theory course is required by UK and EASA PPL(A) holders who wish to fly aeroplanes classed as a High Performance such as TBM, PC12, Cessna Mustang, etc.

The aim of the High Performance Aeroplane Theoretical Knowledge (HPA TK) course is to provide a pilot (without ATPL exam passes) with sufficient knowledge to enter a class or type rating course for an aeroplane that is defined by UK / EASA as 'High Performance'.

The course uses online training modules to cover the theoretical knowledge which is then reinforced with a 6 hour instructor session. The training session is aimed at the practical application for a simulated flight which culminates in a 40 question online paper.

Oysterair's flexible online learning tool allows pilots to work at their own pace. The classroom based instructor session can be timed and located to suit the client. Every Oysterair instructor has significant experience in high performance aircraft; sharing and learning from that operational experience is a key safety benefit. As feedback has shown, clients have found the enthusiasm and knowledge of the instructors hugely beneficial when moving onto their class or type rating training. That's the learning advantage of Oysterair.

Once the HPA course is completed a certificate is issued and the trainee can start the class or type rating course for their respective high performance type, e.g. TBM, PC12, PA46, Cessna 510 etc.

High Performance Aeroplane Theory Course: Service
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