An EASA HPA course is required by EASA PPL(A) holders who wish to fly an aeroplane classed as a High Performance Aeroplane e.g. TBM, PC12, Cessna Mustang, etc.

The aim of the High Performance Aeroplane Theoretical Knowledge (HPA TK) course is to provide a pilot (without ATPL exam passes) with sufficient knowledge to enter a class/type course for an aeroplane that is defined by EASA as a 'High Performance Aeroplane'.

The course uses online training modules to cover the theoretical knowledge which is then reinforced with a 6 hour instructor session. The training session is aimed at the practical application for a simulated flight which culminates in a 40 question online paper.

Once the HPA is completed a certificate is issued and the trainee can start the class/type rating course for their respective type, e.g. TBM, PC12, PA46, Cessna 510, etc.


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