Oysterair can deliver EASA MEP class rating training and FAA Multi Engine Land class training.

EASA Pre-Entry Requirements 

  • 70 hours PIC

  • EASA PPL(A) or ICAO licence

Credits For Previous Experience

The approved course of training may be modified to account for previous experience on similar aircraft types. 

Flight & Theoretical Knowledge Training

The ME training syllabus contains a total of:

  • 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction 

  • Theoretical Knowledge Exam (40 questions, conducted in-house)

  • Minimum of 6 hours of flight training 

  • Licence Skill Test with an examiner 


The training takes approximately 3 days to complete including briefings and test preparation. 

ICAO Conversions

The training package for an ICAO conversion includes all of the mandatory training items conducted in the full course. 


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