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UK and EASA MEP class rating training and FAA Multi Engine Land class training.

UK and EASA Pre-Entry Requirements 

  • 70 hours PIC

  • UK, EASA, FAA or other ICAO PPL(A)

Credits For Previous Experience

The approved course of training may be modified to account for previous experience on similar aircraft types. 

Flight & Theoretical Knowledge Training

The ME training syllabus contains a total of:

  • 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction 

  • Theoretical Knowledge Exam (40 questions, conducted in-house)

  • Minimum of 6 hours of flight training 

  • Licence Skill Test with an examiner 


The training takes approximately 3 days to complete including briefings and test preparation. 

ICAO Conversions

The training for an ICAO conversion includes all of the mandatory training items conducted in the full course.  There is no minimum hours requirement, however, most candidates take about two hours preparation for the test with either a UK, EASA or FAA examiner.

Multi Engine Training: Service
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