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IR Training


Oysterair can deliver UK, EASA and FAA IR training courses.

FAA IR Pre-Entry Requirements 

  • Hold at least an FAA PPL (a licence issued in accordance with 14 CFR 61.75 is acceptable)

  • Be able to read, write, and speak English

  • Have 50 hours of cross country time

  • Pass the IR written exam prior to flight test (this has to be completed in the USA).

UK / EASA IR Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Hold at least an UK or EASA PPL(A)

  • Hold at least an UK or EASA class two medical with audiogram

  • Have passed either the UK or EASA IR, CB-IR, or ATPL examinations

  • Have completed at least 50 hours of cross country flight time as Pilot in Command (PIC) in aeroplanes, TMGs, helicopters or airships of which at least 10 hours shall be in aeroplanes

Training Course

Our single engine IR course includes 40 hours of instrument time under instruction, 45 hours if multi engine privileges are sought. The following items will be completed:

  • Preflight preparation

  • Preflight procedures

  • ATC clearances and procedures

  • Flight by reference to instruments

  • Navigation systems

  • Instrument procedures

  • Emergency operations

  • Asymmetric flight procedures (multi engine course only)

  • Post flight procedures

  • Flight test with an examiner

Single to Multi Engine IR Upgrade

Holders of a single engine IR wishing to add multi engine privileges to their IR can do so with Oysterair. We are approved to conduct a 5 hour module which focuses on asymmetric instrument procedures. A flight test is then completed on a multi engine aeroplane.

ICAO IR to UK or EASA IR Conversion

Oysterair specialises in this course! Providing a pilot holds the following experience you can convert your ICAO IR with just a flight test - although we would recommend you receive some flight training first!

  • Be in possession of at least a Class Two medical with audiogram before training commences.

  • Hold a UK or EASA Part-FCL PPL(A) or CPL(A)

  • Hold a valid ICAO IR(A); means you must be able to exercise the privileges of the rating at time of skill test

  • Have a minimum experience of at least 50 hours of flight time under IFR as PIC of aeroplanes.

IR Revalidation & Renewal

Oysterair can revalidate or renew expired ratings for UK, EASA and FAA instrument ratings for both single pilot multi engine and single pilot single engine instrument ratings.

A typical profile takes around 1.5 hrs and includes the following exercises:

  • IFR Departure

  • General Handling (unusual attitude recoveries, flight on partial panel, etc.)

  • IFR arrival 

  • Procedural hold

  • 3D approach 

  • 2D approach 

The proficiency check can be conducted at any aerodrome equipped with instrument procedures. One of the instrument approaches will be GNSS based to maintain PBN privileges.

Please contact us for more information.

Instrument Rating Training: Service
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