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PC12 Training Tools

Honeywell have created some great training tools to assist pilots in both initial & recurrent training on the Honeywell Primus Avionics Suite fitted in the PC12NG.

Aerospace Training TV

Click on the Aerospace Training TV button to access Aerospace Training TV which has lots of useful videos on how to operate the Primus avionics.

We have included some of the most useful videos & put them onto a specific webpage. Click on the PC12 Training Videos button to access the page.

Task Trainer - Primus Apex PC12NG

Click on the Task Trainer button to access the fantastic Task Trainer which is a multimedia platform including videos, tutorials, & exercises to assist in familiarisation on the Primus Apex system.

Credit: All Honeywell Training products are credited to Honeywell. We thank them for their use.