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Piper Meridian Share

This is a truly unique and rare opportunity to be the proud co-owner of one of the most popular general aviation turboprop tourers available. 


The aircraft will cruise at 250 KTAS at 27,000 ft and fly high above the weather in cabin-pressurised comfort. 

2 x 1/3 shares at 250,000 USD per share, plus fixed costs; or 1 x 1/2 share at 375,000 USD plus fixed costs.

  • Aircraft base: EGMD

  • EASA or FAA licence holders 

  • EU VAT Paid

  • TTSN: 1467.02

  • Maintained by Piper Germany

  • Low time engine

  • Low time propeller

  • Excellent condition 

  • Built in 2003

  • Hangared

  • 1999 kg AFM supplement 

  • FAA or EASA training provided