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ICAO Licence Conversion


For pilots who currently fly their High Performance Aeroplanes on the basis of an ICAO licence, Oysterair can assist you in converting your ICAO licence (e.g. FAA, South African, TCAA, etc.). The process is relatively simple, and we have helped a number of pilots convert their licence so understand the procedure! Converting your PPL(A) requires the following: 


  1. Pass the Air Law and Human Performance Theoretical Knowledge Examinations;

  2. Pass the EASA PPL skill test;

  3. Meet the Class Rating requirements;

  4. Hold at least an EASA Class 2 medical certificate - with audiogram if an IR is to be held;

  5. Pass the Radiotelephony practical test; and 

  6. Have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as a pilot. 


Provding you meet the requirements stated above, there is no requirement for a candidate to undertake any flight training prior to attempting the skill test, however, unless you have previous experience in demonstrating the test maneouvres we always advise candidates to complete at least one training flight in preparation for the test.