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ICAO IR Conversion




To convert the holder of an ICAO Instrument Rating (e.g. FAA) to an EASA Instrument Rating.


Pre-entry requirements


  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Be in possession of a Class One (or Two) medical certificate before training commences. Holders of a Class Two medical must also hold an audiogram

  • Hold a Part-FCL PPL(A) or CPL(A)

  • Hold a valid ICAO IR(A) - this means that you must be able to currently execrise the privileges of the rating at the time of skill test

  • Have a minimum experience of at least 50 hours of flight time under IFR as PIC on aeroplanes.


Flight Training


There is no requirement under EASA Part-FCL for any flight instruction for the conversion of an ICAO IR. The amount of instruction required to achieve the IR skill test standard varies between applicant. Based upon experience, 3 days of instruction is typically required. There are no theoretical knowlegde examinations, however, there is an oral examination designed to confirm understanding of EASA rules and procedures. Training for the oral theoretical knowledge examination is integrated with the flight training.




Expect between 3-5 days depending on proficiency.




Training can be completed in either a single or multi engine aeroplane, however, in order to obtain multi engine IFR privileges the skill test must be conducted in a multi engine aeroplane.




You will be charged the instructor daily rate for the number of training days required for you to achieve test standard. In addition to instructor fees you will be required to pay approach and landing fees and other normal aircraft consumables.

Oysterair can provide training in order to convert your FAA IR to EASA IR