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I have just completed my TBM SET class rating with Oysterair. The course structure is very well put together with the self study material training material excellent quality.


The one to one brush up before the technical exam was excellent as was the one to one instruction on the aircraft.


Overall I was very impressed with Oysterair and I would recommend them for any of their training courses.


Howard Smith, corporate TBM 910 pilot

FAA to EASA IR Conversion Feedback

Alnur came to Oysterair for his FAA to EASA IR conversion - here's what Alnur had to say after his first time IR pass!

I was lucky that a friend recommended Oysterair. I couldn’t have been in been in better hands for my conversion from an FAA IR to and EASA IR. The teaching was highly professional, completely individualised and most of all fun. There was plenty of time and opportunity to go through the things that I did not get. Although the training was fast paced it was never rushed. I loved it and have told all my friends about Oysterair.

TBM 850 One Stop Service Review

A recent valued customer's experience of using Oysterair's one stop service for TBM technical support

We recently helped Angus with his search, technical purchase support, & subsequent training for a TBM 850. Here is what Angus had to say about Oysterair's service:

"Oysterair provided a superb service in helping me select a suitable aircraft for my needs (TBM850 – G1000), earn my class rating in that aircraft and supplement my qualification with a wholly professional line training package designed to help build my experience and confidence" -  Angus Jones, CEO, Clarity Ltd

Thanks for the kind words Angus, you were the perfect student!

Oysterair works with GRB Aviation Ltd

Jan 2018 - PC12 pilot training for GRB Aviation Ltd

Oysterair has recently trained a new pilot for GRB Aviation Ltd who are an aircraft management company specialising in PC12 aircraft. Here's what GRB Aviation's director had to say about the training received:

"When training a new crew member for our organisation, we look for great quality training and a flexible and proactive approach from the ATO. On both counts we were very satisfied with the service provided by Oysterair. Thank you for all the help you gave in setting up the course and ensuring that we could train where and when desired; and thanks to Ian for the first rate flight training provided."

In October of 2017, myself and a small team had the pleasure of receiving guidance from Jonathan and subsequent training from his colleague for the Pilatus PC-12.


Jonathan’s depth of knowledge to navigate the EASA requirements was evident from the onset and kept us well informed. His professional manor and follow up communication was most welcomed. 


The training was well organised. A great customer service was provided to accommodate the logistical issues of taking the training to the pilots base and working around the UK autumn weather!


Many thanks for a well organised and professional service.

This year in February I applied for an FAA IR conversion to an EASA one, when I realized that there is little time left before “N” registered aircraft based in Europe, and flying in its air space by a UK pilot with an FAA licence, will not be allowed to enjoy the fact for much longer.


I was considering prolonging my flying until the regulation comes into effect given my age of 67 years.


My FAA instructor convinced me to get in touch with Oysterair, to take me through to the EASA conversion. I was reluctant to go back to studying, and training all over again.


But when I got together with Jonathan Shooter from Oysterair, he managed to take me the slow, and easy way through the course and kept in touch with me, coached me, trained me, and got me over the hurdle.


This Sunday the 26th November, I have at last got my IR conversion to EASA, and thanks to Jonathan’s patience and perseverance I am at last through.


I recommend to all pilots holding an FAA licence to consider doing the same.


To me the impossible became possible thanks to Oysterair.        


Cessna SET Course

Oysterair completed 2 EASA Cessna SET class rating courses for GoSkyDive (www.goskydive.com) who are a specialist parachute training centre based at Old Sarum Park, UK.

Dennis Parker's comments about the course:

"James ran a really good course"

Sigismond Monnet

Oysterair completed EASA TBM class rating training for Mr Sigismond Monnet. Sigis is a graduate from the Swiss Air Force & qualified test pilot:

"I completed my EASA TBM SET Class Rating with Oysterair.  I strongly recommend this training organisation who were able to organise my CR at very short notice. They provided a compact distance learning theoretical knowledge course with excellent support from the team of instructors.


I completed my flight training on a well equipped owner's airplane managed by the ATO. The course was focused specifically on my needs considering my experience on turbine aircraft. 


My instructor conducted a very well balanced and efficient training program according to the approved syllabus in a professional manner and I was well prepared for the licence skill test. 


Thanks to the CFI, my training was perfectly matched to my time frame. The CFI openly shared his TBM experience & knowledge. I aim to work with Oysterair in the future to support my principal's new TBM.


I wish the people and company a great success."

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