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EASA Cessna SET Class Rating

Note: Training can be completed in an owner's aeroplane or one can be rented from Oysterair. 




The aim of a class rating course is to provide ground and flight instruction to a trainee already holding a pilot's licence, so that they may pass all sections of the LST and act as a pilot on the Cessna SET series of aircraft (Cessna 206, Cessna 207, Cessna 208 & Cessna 210).


Pre-entry requirements


  • Be at least 17 years of age;

  • Be in possession of a Class One (or Two) medical certificate before training commences; and

  • Hold at least an EASA PPL(A) or validated ICAO licence.

Credits for previous experience


The HT will assess the flying experience of each trainee. The approved course of training may be modified to account for previous experience on similar aircraft types.


Note: Please note that in all cases, in order to determine the amount of hours to be credited and to establish the training needs, the trainee will be required to complete a pre-entry assessment flight with a company nominated instructor. The HT will then decide on the amount of credit to be awarded.


Flight & Theoretical Knowledge Training


The Cessna SET training syllabus contains a total of:


  • 7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction;

  • Minimum of 5 hours of flight training; and

  • Licence Skill Test (LST) with an examiner in the aircraft.




The training takes approximately 3 days to complete including briefings and test preparation. 


ICAO Conversions


If you are a current Cessna  206, 207, 208 or 210 pilot operating on the basis of an ICAO licence (e.g. FAA) Oysterair can assist you in gaining an EASA licence and Cessna SET Class Rating. The training package for an ICAO conversion includes all of the mandatory training items conducted in the full course. There is no minimum flight training requirements, however, most candidates complete approximately 3 hours flight training prior to completing the Class Rating Skill Test with an examiner. The course takes approximately 2 full days to complete.

Cessna SET Differences Training 

Differences training between the Cessna 206,207,210 series and 208 (and vice-versa) can be arranged as required.

Cessna Caravan Training